Andrew ‘I’m Not Gay No More’ Caldwell Says He Still Desires Men

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

And the world says, “You don’t say.” Last year Andrew Caldwell made news when he proclaimed in front of a congregation tht he was delivered from homosexuality. The video was captured during the annual COGIC convention in St. Louis. After being surrounded by several ministers, Caldwell gave his testimony, which ended with him saying he’s no longer gay and “likes women, women, women!” Bishop Brandon Porter of Memphis, Tenn., also gave Caldwell a $100 bill after his testimony.


Some questioned the validity of the video, and others questioned the validity of a person actually praying the gay away. Months later, Caldwell has proclaimed that he still desires men.

And the congregation said, “I told you so.”

In an interview with NBC 12, Caldwell was asked whether the whole episode had been a joke.

“I was serious,” replied Caldwell. “I did not want to go viral. I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people.

“And you all spoke about my video,” Caldwell noted. “I said, ‘Let me reach out to him then. Let him get the truth. Let him know what’s really going on in the world.’ I went up there because I needed prayer that day. I needed so much prayer.

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God in Christ,” said Caldwell. “And you can’t.”

When the reporter asked whether the deliverance from homosexuality had worked, Caldwell said no: “That’s not the case. … I still have desires.”


Caldwell went on to state that he does have regrets about what happened because he has received numerous threats on his life and the video has caused him mental harm. He also still has a few requests for God.

“I feel that if I was delivered, God should deliver me more. But I know it takes a process. But I think it is going a little bit slow. I want God to work on my mannerisms. I want God to stop the switching … talking like a woman.”


Maybe Caldwell should ask God to give him the strength of self-acceptance. Sometimes there are certain things you just can’t change in life.



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