An Unholy Alliance: Black Folks and Chick-fil-A

The Washington Post/Getty Images
The Washington Post/Getty Images

To African Americans who bought chicken to support the restaurant CEO's anti-marriage-equality stance, Clutch magazine's Kirsten West Savali says that she's sure Republicans "appreciate the funds you donated that will potentially empower their colleagues' push for more initiatives that could have a detrimental impact on the black community at large."

When Mary J. Blige sang her heart out about "crispy chicken," some black people rushed to call it "coonery." Yesterday, some of those same people sprinted to get fried chicken from Chick-fil-A and were proud of it. In fact, Facebook was adorned with black folks loving that "chikin," all to support a man who has no problem employing and serving the LGBT community, as long as he can take their dollars to financially support conservative politicians who view them as second-class citizens.

Even more interesting, and this is where things get real, black support for the Democratic Party, specifically President Barack Obama, has never dropped below 85%. But to gain some heavenly cool points, many of these same people flocked to fatten the pockets of an organization that funnels funds to Republican candidates.

Doesn't make much sense, does it?

For some reason that I have yet to discern, it makes some black evangelicals feel better to pretend that this is a matter of free speech, a call-to-arms to protect Christian values, when it's really nothing more than a study in financial and political gullibility, and religious elitism — or even more simply, cutting off their noses to spite their faces.


Read Kirsten West Savali's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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