America's Kim Jong Un and North Korea's Kim Jong Un Arrive In Vietnam for Bae-cation

Models wearing masks made by sculptural artist Zhangzhen 33 of US President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un seen on February 20, 2019 in Wuhan, China.
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It’s no secret that President Trump is an open relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Korean leader Kim Jong Un. All three dictators met on the political version of Gindr and have been canoodling ever since.

For some reason, President Trump is insistent on giving Kim Jong Un a world stage that helps legitimize his role as the stern ruler of North Korea while the rest of the world laughs behind his little back.


Since the two dictators met in Singapore last summer, President Trump has been smitten with the budding courtship, noting that the North Korean leader sent him a beautiful letter.

“We both want to do something. We both are going to do something. And we have developed a very special bond,” Trump said at the conclusion of the landmark Singapore summit, adding that Kim was “a very talented man,” CNN reports.

From The Washington Post:

Kim’s summit with Trump is scheduled to begin with a private dinner Wednesday evening, the White House announced, followed by a series of official meetings Thursday. Trump will be joined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney for the dinner. Kim will also have two aides present, and both men will have interpreters.


The Post didn’t note that the two are expected to “Never Have I’ve Ever” in which Trump ends up slightly more drunk that Kim because he’s never used chemical weapons to kill his half brother....yet.

Trump loves to meet with enemies of the United States like his boos Putin and Kim because he’s also an enemy of the United States.


On Thursday, Trump and Kim are expected to make a formal show of their respective love for each other that will include aides and advisers. But Tuesday’s moments will be private.

No one even knows why this summit is happening despite the two leaders lusting for one another. The last summit was bullshit as Trump left that meeting touting that North Korea had agreed to work towards denuclearization, but then that didn’t happen.


So this is really just two world leaders who admire each other and are openly courting one another to spend some quality in-person time together, and who are we to stop love?

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