All of Us or None: Historic Drug-Reform Gathering Centers Community and Healing [Retracted]

RETRACTED (6/12/18):

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Hmmmm, wish I could have been there for that Dorsey Nunn panel. Many people in recovery have turned to religious communities and found the support they need to stay sober or at least stay true to their harm reduction plan. Actually, in my town there are several faith-based organization that have groups for the formerly addicted. This I think is a beautiful and integrated way to address substance use. Others in recovery have gone on to form their own prayer groups and everyone is welcome, no matter what stage in recovery, to participate. Many people find strength in their faith. However, I can certainly see why others turn away from religious communities because some can push away the very people that their love and support.

Also, if you haven’t read Marc Lamont Hill’s Nobody please do yourself a favor and read it. I don’t enjoy reading since I do so much of it for work but it was the most powerful thing I have read in recent memory. He traces the historical trajectory of Ferguson and Flint. I cried reading it, that’s how moved I was.