Note From the Editor

This Monday, The Root separated from our associate editor, Kirsten West Savali, because of an editorial-standards issue.

After the Drug Policy Alliance discovered and brought to our attention a previously undisclosed and improper arrangement, Gizmodo Media Group conducted a thorough investigation and made the difficult decision to terminate her. Because of this, we will be removing any stories related to Drug Policy Alliance written by and/or edited by Kirsten and replacing each with an editor’s note and a link to a cached version of the story.

Our relationship with our audience—with you—is built on transparency. Maintaining the overall integrity of The Root is paramount, and we value your readership, so we felt it was important to address this issue publicly.


We will update you if there are any additional developments. In the meantime, we hope that you continue reading The Root and placing your trust in us.



I’m seeing several comments here stating that your note is lacking transparency. The reason is because you haven’t divulged personal information and details about the situation.

That’s some bullshit. There was an investigation. An inappropriate arrangement was discovered. Action was taken. A disclosure was made. This is exactly what transparency looks like.

I would say that what some of the other commentators are looking for is not transparency, but juicy gossip.