All Jokes Aside: Wilton Manors Police Chief Richard Perez Speaks Out


Is that Barnum & Bailey circus music we hear? Suspended Wilton Manors Police Chief Richard Perez claims that the "racially insensitive" e-mail jokes that he circulated from his work e-mail were for "training purposes." Come again? We suppose if you're training someone to be a white supremacist or a colossal jerk, then that would fly. Even if we were foolish enough to believe his pathetic excuse, if the e-mails were for "training purposes," then why were dozens sent? Perez stated, "It's political satire. It was not to be racially motivated." Clearly he doesn't know the definition of satire. Calling Richard Perez "Dick Perez" would be satirical. But all jokes aside, the real joke is that a cad like Perez can be hired and keep his job as police chief. A man who lacks respect for human beings can't possibly respect the law.



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