Ala. University Student on a Mission to Mow 50 Lawns in 50 States Challenges Kids Worldwide

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There are lots of things university students can do to occupy their time. The workload alone is one thing; then there are clubs, charities and other extracurricular activities. Rodney Smith Jr., who hails from Alabama, however, is on a mission to mow 50 lawns in 50 states.

Smith started his own nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Service, dedicated to providing free lawn-mowing services to the elderly, the disabled, military personnel and/or single parents, KING 5 reports.


Smith is currently working on his master’s degree in social work (that’s a fit if I’ve ever seen one) and says that he is doing this challenge for himself and also in hopes of inspiring youths to give back.

“I have a challenge to kids worldwide,” Smith said. He calls the challenge “the 50 Yard Challenge,” and volunteers can pledge to mow (or rake or shovel the snow from) 50 lawns for members of their community who may need the extra help.

“A lot of kids are just inside playing video games. They’re able to get out and make a difference in their community with a lawn mower,” Smith said.

For every 10 lawns mowed, the kids get a new shirt color. And once they complete the challenge, Smith will come to where they are and cut a few lawns with them, present them with more T-shirts and also reward them with a brand-new lawn mower.


Smith himself has been to 17 states so far on his own challenge, and he is just getting started.


Read more at KING 5.

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