The Black and Latino Archery Association (BLAA) is one of the few archery organizations geared toward promoting the sport to black and Latinx neighborhoods, where there is usually a lack of exposure to the sport. It also provides a place where people of color who already practice archery can do so on a competitive level.

Chris Cotto, the organization’s vice president and co-founder, told The Root, “I’ve had kids tell me they don’t know what archery is. And to me that that’s just so disheartening. That really hurts, that in my own community kids don’t even know the word ‘archery.’”


The nonprofit was formed in Jersey City, N.J., in 2018 after Cotto was approached with the idea by Jean Rodriguez and Thurmond Gillis Jr. Learn more about BLAA, the benefits of practicing archery and the myth of it being “a white sport” in the video above.

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