About Damn Time! Michael Smith Makes His Triumphant Return to Television With New Sports Talk Show Brother From Another

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As an ardent supporter of all things Jemele Hill and Michael Smith—His & Hers is the greatest television show in the history of ever and we can fight about it if you feel otherwise—I might’ve cried real tears when the dynamic duo inevitably split after bumping heads with ESPN.


And while Jemele has gone on to flourish, becoming a valued contributor at The Atlantic, remaining Unbothered in the podcast game and debuting her new TV show, Stick to Sports, with co-host Cari Champion, Michael has been MIA since escaping ESPN in 2019. So imagine my delight when I woke up to an email announcing that his latest endeavor, Brother From Another, is set to debut in September.

Brother From Another will be co-hosted by longtime friends and celebrated journalists Michael Holley and Smith, who will also serve as co-executive producers. It will also be the first original sports talk program on NBC’s on-demand streaming service, Peacock, and explore the latest news in sports, culture, entertainment and politics.

“Michael and I couldn’t be more excited to join the Peacock family,” Smith said in a statement. “When coming up with our show’s name and thinking about the vibe we wanted to create, we kept coming back to just that—family—and to this brotherhood. We want this show and the conversations between us and with our guests to feel relatable—literally. As in if you’re giving us time out of your day, then you’re family to us. And since Peacock is free, all are most definitely welcome.”

“Mike and I go back more than 20 years, so viewers will immediately sense our authenticity and honesty with one another,” Holley said. “We became colleagues by covering similar events in sports. We became brothers when we shared our experiences in that space, as well as other aspects of our lives. We’re excited to now bring our discussions to Peacock.”

Peacock’s Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Rick Cordella, is equally excited for what’s to come.


“There’s certainly an appetite for honest, intelligent conversation while having some fun, and Michael and Michael have established reputations for delivering that kind of commentary,” he said. “Peacock is always on, always topical, so we are proud to be the exclusive platform for their new show.”

Brother From Another will premiere on NBC Sports for Peacock at an unspecified date in Septemeber.


Look at God. Don’t ever try to tell me dreams don’t come true.

Welcome back, Michael—and Michael.

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SS Fan

I’m a fan of Mike and Jemele, but I like them together more than I do apart. I’ve heard Jemele’s podcast and I wasn’t feeling it, so I won’t be tuning in to the new joints. Still, I wish her much success and she’s a great writer.

I’ve liked Mike on other shows, but there was a certain magic to me, kind of like that Joe Budden/Tahiry stuff without all of the “toxic” ish, they just meshed well on camera. They looked like best friends that were platonic but it’s hard to believe that they are really platonic. They have probably moved on, but I wish that they could reunite.