Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez had his 2015 murder conviction posthumously overturned by a judge Tuesday. Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh vacated Hernandezā€™s first-degree murder conviction for the 2013 shooting of Odin L. Lloyd because he died before he was able to appeal the conviction.


ā€œAbatement remains the law in this Commonwealth, and this court is compelled to follow binding precedent,ā€ Garsh told the courtroom audience, which included Lloydā€™s mother, Ursula Ward.

Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III told ESPN that he plans to appeal Tuesdayā€™s ruling.

ā€œDespite the tragic ending to Aaron Hernandezā€™s life, he should not reap the legal benefits of an antiquated rule,ā€ Quinn said. ā€œState and federal courts from across the country have rejected this antiquated rule. Massachusetts, in my opinion, needs to follow suit.ā€


Ward told the sports site that despite the judgeā€™s ruling, Hernandez will always be guilty of murdering her son.

ā€œIn our book, heā€™s guilty and heā€™s going to always be guilty,ā€ Ward said of Hernandez. ā€œBut I know, I know one day, Iā€™m going to see my son, and thatā€™s the victory that I have and I am going to take with me. I am waiting for my master to say, ā€˜Well done, my good and faithful servant, and welcome to the joys of my kingdom.ā€™ And thatā€™s when Iā€™ll see my baby again. ... I am not giving up. When [God] says the battle is over, the battle is over. So Iā€™m holding on until he tells me to give up.ā€

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