A White Woman Charges She Got Kicked Out of Her Rental for Having a Play Date With Black Folks

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A white woman from Georgia is suing her former landlords, saying they evicted her because she dared to have black guests over at the home she rented from them.


Victoria Sutton claims in a suit filed Wednesday that Patricia McCoy and her husband, Allen McCoy, hurled racial slurs and threatened her with violence after she had the audacity to have a black co-worker and his child over to her house for a play date with her two young daughters, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The lawsuit alleges that Allen McCoy called Sutton a “(racial epithet) lover” and said he would call child protective services for having a “(racial epithet) on their property.” He told her she had two weeks to move out.

Patricia McCoy, in an interview with the AJC, says that’s just ridiculous becauseyes, she said itsome of her “best friends” are black.

“I’ve got best friends that’s black people,” McCoy told the AJC.

And, yes, apparently, she is the real McCoy when it comes to trash justifications for alleged racist behavior.

In talking with the Associated Press, Patricia McCoy said the real reason she threw Sutton, and her little kids, too, out of her house is because they were “nasty.”

“I kicked her out because she was so nasty,” McCoy said, AP reports. “It was because of nastiness, tearing up everything and having a cat in the house when I told her she couldn’t have no animals.”


Is “cat” some new, shaded code word for black people?

I mean, according to the AJC, Sutton claims that when she called Patricia McCoy to try to get her to change her mind, she captured her on a recording making the following rant:

According to the filing, Patricia McCoy can be heard on the recording telling Sutton that she didn’t “put up with (racial epithets) in my (house) and I don’t want them in my property.” When Sutton told Patricia McCoy she had not “done anything to deserve this,” Patricia McCoy is accused of saying: “Maybe you like black dogs, but I don’t. So just get your stuff and get out.”


OK, so maybe, when it comes to black people, McCoy is a “dog” person, not a cat person.

Or, maybe, McCoy just doesn’t like people who live in trailer parks. Because they’re all “drug pushers.” Not like that’s not a clear example of discrimination in and of itself, right? Yeah, right.


As the AP reported:

When asked Wednesday whether she’d said she didn’t want black people on her property, Patricia McCoy said, “I told her I didn’t want nobody out of the trailer park on my property because they’re drug pushers.”

Asked if she used the racial slur, she said no.

When Sutton said she had the right to invite anyone to the home, Patricia McCoy said she would evict her, the lawsuit says. When Sutton said she’d done nothing wrong and would tell a judge that, Patricia McCoy threatened to “stomp the (expletive) out” of her, the lawsuit says.


In any case, definitely due to the McCoys’ actions, regardless of motivation, in December of last year, Sutton and her family were evicted and lost their home in Adairsville, Ga., about 60 miles north of Atlanta, the AP reports.

Sutton’s attorneys tell the AJC that their client’s case is a “blatant” one of racial housing discrimination in violation of the federal Civil Rights Act and the federal and state of Georgia Fair Housing Acts.


“This blatant racial discrimination happened to be caught on tape,” Sean J. Young of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia—one of the legal organizations to file suit on Sutton’s behalf—said. “However, people of color face discrimination in all walks of life even when racist motives are more carefully hidden.”



Asked if she used the racial slur, she said no.

*calls timeout*

Before we continue, can someone tell me how she’s gonna lie about some shit she was recorded saying?