Yes, that’s right. Momma Dee (of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta fame), aka Live-Action Scar, created a song, and made a video for this song. This song is called "I Deserve." You will now watch a video for this song and read a recap of the video, because you deserve to be entertained by this.

0:07 - Ok, did the production logo make ya’ll feel like you were going to Cerebro? I ain’t saying that’s how I felt, but that’s how I felt.


0:14 - Name that font! I feel like this is the font you used when you tried to get fancy with your school papers, thinking you’d get extra credit for it.

0:29 - Is that little boy supposed to be Lil’ Scrappy? Is he like Lil’ Lil’ Scrappy? Scrapple?


0:42 - Oh, so we really gonna do a close-up of these Dollar Tree “I Forgot It Was Our Anniversary Until 4:51pm Today” flowers?

0:53 - Momma (I hate it’s spelled this way, btw, I’m partial to Mama) serving Hip-Hop Harlequinn and YOU WILL DEAL!


1:08 - DISINHERIT MOMMA DEE. They were like, fuck all that legal memorandum jargon, we’re just going to cut to the chase like a ninja making a sharp turn around the corner to the JP Morgan ATM. I ain’t mad.

1:23 - Harpo, who dis woman?

1:44 - Scar scattin’!! Ya’ll haven’t even begun to be ready!

1:49 - Scrappy appearance! But, where are the real stars?? That’s right, I’m asking about the paws. Where. Are. The. Paws??


2:15 - Let me get this 180 degrees straight. Is the rest of this video going to be Momma Dee going around passing out chicken shack dinners? Is the moral that EYE deserve… chicken? I mean… I see no lies.

2:36 - SQUAD!

2:46 - This lip-synching, though. She is going so hard in the motherfucking paint. SEE HOW I MADE A REFERENCE TO ANOTHER CASTMEMBER??


2:51 - Her hand gestures ain’t not punk, though.

3:21 - These elongated shots of her standing by herself and jamming are as awkward as Meek Mill during a moment of silence. In prison. Because Meek Mill is in prison.


3:40 - Ya’ll see Uncle Catdaddy?! Not for nothing, I bet he smells like Pall Malls and vienna sausage.


3:48 - AW NAWL. Not the monologue. Who dubbed this??? It sounds like she recorded tomorrow.

3:54 - She really went political on us. MOMMA DEE FOR GANGSTA GOVERNOR!

4:12 - And. In. That. Order. *maniacal laugh that really doesn’t fit with the tone of this video at all*


That’s it for this week, folks! ‘Til next time.

And if you have this song in your head all day, well, you clicked on the play button. You deserve it.