A New Kind of Video Girl

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ABOUT Eboni Farmer

I'm a senior at Howard University and  I am so ready to the graduate. I  don't  own a television so I don't watch it too often. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I didn't have a television in my room growing up. My brother and I were forced to fight over the remote in the living room. Whenever I did watch television I was probably watching CNN, now I just get all of my news on the internet.


When I’m Not in Front of the Tube

I am a student, journalist, and an athlete. All of my free time is spent playing lacrosse.  The rest of the time I'm in class, studying, or working on a story. Despite everything that has happened to the journalism industry I still have hope that there is place for me and my writing. I'm interning at The Root and I'm looking forward to blogging on Their Eyes Were Watching.

Would you rather watch “I Love New York” or “Flavor of Love”? Neither…

“Girlfriends,” “Living Single” or “Sex and the City”? Girlfriends

Who was your favorite character on “The Wire”? Why? I didn't watch The Wire but if I did I know my favorite character would have been Russell "Stringer" Bell because he was played by Idris Elba.

Which Housewife of Atlanta best describes you? I haven't watch the show but I have read the blogs so I would say Lisa.

What TV family best describes yours? I don't think a family like mine has ever been on television.


What’s your all-time favorite album? Aaliyah One in a Million

If the title of any song could describe you, what would it be? 'I Am Not My Hair'


Duke Ellington or John Coltrane? John Coltrane

What was the first CD you bought? The first cd that I remember having is Aaliyah One in a Million


Favorite album of 2009? Musiq Soulchild On My Radio

Which artist could sing the soundtrack to your life? Chrisette Michele

Biggie or Tupac? Tupac

Maxwell or D’Angelo? Maxwell

What’s your favorite Spike Lee Joint? Crooklyn

Favorite movie of 2009? The Soloist, it was a powerful depiction of journalism.

Favorite movie of all-time? Love & Basketball

Denzel or Poitier? Denzel

Denzel in “Mo’ Better Blues” or Denzel in “Devil in a Blue Dress”? Devil in a Blue Dress


Angela Bassett or Halle Berry? Angela Bassett as Tina Turner

“Boyz n the Hood” or “The Wood”? The Wood

Ossie and Ruby? Or Will and Jada? Ossie and Ruby

Harlem Renaissance or the Black Arts Movement? Harlem Renaissance

Favorite book? Segu by Maryse Condé

What are you reading now? Mandela, Mobutu and Me by Lynn Duke its about a Washington Post reporters journey through South Africa and other countries.