On Monday afternoon, two trains that were headed in the same direction, collided in NE Washington when one rear-ended the other. The driver of the trailing train is among those who died in the crash.

Clearing the Wreckage


Emergency rescue workers arrived on the scene shortly after the accident. They helped commuters off the train, taking many of them to local hospitals. They also cleared the trains off the tracks, although the next morning, there were still major delays for trains running on those tracks.



The two trains collided with such force that one was forced on top of the other. This is the third time over the last 15 years that something like this has happened in the Metrorail system.

Tijuana Cox


Tijuana Cox, a regular commuter who lives in the Maryland suburbs of DC, was one of more than fifty passengers who were injured in the accident.

Emergency Workers


First responders arrived at the site of the accident very shortly after its occurence. Trains could not pass through that part of the rail system, even on the other track which remained intact.

Red Line to Rhode Island Avenue


The Red Line Metro train usually travels Northeast as far as Glenmont, a Maryland suburb. However, because of the accident in NE DC, the train only provided service to Rhode Island Avenue, a District thoroughfare.

The Domino Effect


The accident caused transportation troubles throughout the area, increasing traffic on roads and busses.