The couple said they were never offered a chance to sit down.

The Benits’ attorney, Lynette Petruska, said “when the only customers who can’t dine in are the Black customers, it just doesn’t look like they are doing things for a legitimate reason.”


Here is more on the story, per KMOV4:

“We really are deeply sorry that we have two customers who had a bad experience with us and left feeling very unappreciated,” Njeri Boss, a Vice President of Waffle House, told News 4.

She says they did an investigation into the situation. “Out of that investigation what we found was very poor customer service that was rendered by a very young, inexperienced and flustered server,” Boss said.

But she denies there was any racial motivation.

“Earlier in the shifts, we have video of her serving no problem customers of diverse backgrounds, Black and white customers with no issue,” Boss said.

She says pandemic-related staffing shortages have made normal operations more difficult, but she says the company works hard to train its employees on best customer service standards.

Overall, she said the company takes discrimination very seriously.

“I know it can’t take away the hurt that these customers feel and still feel, but we hope it goes a long way to understand that’s not who we are not and not what we stand for,” Boss said.

Boss said the server voluntarily resigned and notes that the manager of that particular Waffle House is Black.


Boss said she offered the Benits an opportunity to meet with their CEO to discuss the incident because she wants to make this unfortunate situation right.

As for Jimmiecia Benit, she feels humiliated after the experience.

“I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Nobody else goes through this,” she said.