Jeremiah Harvey; #CornerstoreCaroline
Jeremiah Harvey; #CornerstoreCaroline
Screenshot: YouTube

Jeremiah Harvey didn’t ask for any of this. He was merely leaving a bodega in Brooklyn, New York, when his book bag—which was unaware of racial dynamics, white woman victimhood, or Emmit Till, made the costly mistake of brushing against a white woman’s backside.

Not Jeremiah; his bookbag.

The aggreived woman who was accosted by Jeremiah’s bookbag decided that she was going to call the police on the 9-year-old black boy because she was sure that it was him who violated her person. Plus, everyone knows bookbags are rarely convicted.


Tears streamed down the boy’s face. His mother attempted to comfort him. Jason Littlejohn recorded the incident and posted it to Facebook. The hashtag #CornerstoreCaroline was born.

Footage of the incident shows that it was the boy’s book bag—which has yet to fully understand the effects of a Trump presidency, or the real reason that players kneel—not the boy, that touched the white woman’s butt.


#CornerstoreCaroline whose real name is #CornerstoreCaroline (fine, it’s Teresa Klein) was shown the video and apologized to the Harvey. Then in typical, “I can’t be wrong and someone’s going to pay for my mistake” fashion, it was learned that #CC—who does not love you and is not riding—planned to sue the boy’s mother.

Recently, with his mother by his side, tears streaming down his face again, Jeremiah spoke during a community meeting. He told those in attendance that “Friendship is really the key.”


Following the meeting, Jeremiah told WABC-TV, “I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

The bookbag had no comment.

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