Joy Reid and Boris Epshteyn on MSNBC’s AM Joy
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When we scroll through channels and see these talking heads on TV, it’s best to grab the popcorn and settle in. These black political analysts and commentators speak for many in the black community, sharing our points of view, and truths, with those who’d rather remain blind.

1. Charles Blow vs. Bruce LeVell


If you weren’t sure how New York Times columnist Charles Blow felt about Donald Trump’s bigotry and those who support it, you were well aware after his vigorous exchange with Bruce LeVell from the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Blow blasts and then dismisses LeVell and all those who dare to suggest that the presidential nominee is a friend to minorities, challenging them to some serious introspection. “You have to decide whether you want to be part of the bigotry,” Blow says.

2. Nina Turner on Policing and Racism

Former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner is never present for the nonsense. When she’s confronted with it, she stomps it out with no chill, leaving enlightenment in her wake. If you didn’t know before, you’ll know after a lesson in life from Turner.

3. Angela Rye on Trump’s Black Outreach


Impact Strategies CEO Angela Rye doesn’t come to play; she comes to slay. And she does just that with intellect and grace, debunking mistruths and challenging the status quo wherever she goes. If you want to remain unchecked, it’s best to avoid Rye. She’s the one to check you, boo.

4. Van Jones vs. Jeffrey Lord on the Ku Klux Klan


With a passion that few can muster, Rebuild the Dream President Van Jones repeatedly attempts to expose truths to those who’d rather remain in denial. When others would likely throw their hands up in surrender and frustration, Jones continues to do his best to represent the African-American community, defending it from the dangerously ignorant.

5. Don Lemon vs. Omarosa Manigault


He’s not exactly embraced by the entire African-American community. He’s been called an Uncle Tom and worse on several occasions after allegedly reinforcing negative stereotypes of blacks in his reporting. But occasionally CNN anchor Don Lemon does do his job, as in this clip, when he insists that Omarosa Manigault answer his question rather than turn to Trump talking points.

6. Joy Reid vs. Boris Epshteyn


Whose house? Joy’s house! The host of MSNBC’s AM Joy doesn’t tolerate too much disrespect in her home. While other, more gracious hosts might allow their guests to stray farther from the truth before reining them in, Joy Reid is quick to shut down the crazy while still keeping it classy.

7. Tamron Hall vs. A.J. Delgado


As with many of her counterparts, it’s hard to get one past MSNBC host Tamron Hall. She deals in facts and has the receipts to prove her point. She may look like a delicate flower, but when it comes to fighting injustice, she’s more like a cactus. Proceed with caution.

8. Trevor Noah Riffs on Donald Trump


The Daily Show host has the luxury of not having to invite those with whom he strongly disagrees on his show. Instead, Trevor Noah can freely share his opinions, praise or frustrations without interruption.

9. Al Sharpton vs. Mark Burns

The Rev. Al Sharpton has been fighting for African Americans since before many of us were born. While he’s been somewhat controversial in the community, sometimes accused of exploiting tragic situations for the sake of celebrity, many who have sought his help have expressed nothing but gratitude to him for coming to their aid. As a political analyst on MSNBC, he continues to take up the mantle, proving that we’ve come a long way but still have quite a ways to go.

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