8th-Grader Gets Football Scholarship Offers From University of Ala., Ole Miss and Miss. State

Jaheim Oatis and Alabama head coach Nick Saban (Jaheim Oatis via Twitter)

Jaheim Oatis just graduated from the seventh grade. Jaheim Oatis is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 286 pounds. Jaheim Oatis is a baby and a beast who happens to be shaped like a grown man. And big football powerhouses want in.

According to a tweet posted Friday by the 14-year-old, the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State and the University of Alabama have all made scholarship offers to the Columbia, Miss., teen, who will be an eighth-grader in the fall.


According to ESPN, Jaheim’s tweet may not have been mere youthful boasting, since middle school prospects have been courted by top programs in the past. The sports site notes that Dylan Moses, a freshman linebacker at Alabama, was recruited by Louisiana State when he was a young teen.

Video that Jaheim posted to his Twitter account shows the teen running a self-reported 4.7 40-yard dash during a camp he attended at Ole Miss. Another video from the same camp shows Jaheim and a reported 6-feet-8 senior battling it out.


Jaheim tweeted over the weekend that “dreams came true” after he received an offer to attend Alabama from head coach Nick Saban, who, Jaheim claims, couldn’t believe he was just going into the eighth grade.

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