8 People Arrested in Portland After Damaging Democratic Party Office and ICE Facility Following Biden’s Inauguration

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Portland is just weird, y’all. I don’t know how else to explain the fact eight people were arrested for damaging a Democratic Party office and an ICE facility after President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday.


ABC News reports that while the majority of protests in the city were peaceful, two of the demonstrations resulted in the arrests and property damage. The first involved 150 people marching from a local music venue to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. When they arrived, some of the protesters smashed the glass door, the windows, spray pained vulgarities on the building, and set the dumpsters on fire.

As a result, eight people between the ages of 18 to 38 were arrested on charges that ranged from felony criminal mischief to possession of a destructive device. Local authorities say that Molotov cocktails, knives, and chemical spray were among the items seized from the protesters.

If that wasn’t enough white people wilding for you, fear not, there’s more. Later that same evening another group of around 150 people marched to the ICE field office in Portland. Police said that some of the people in the crowd were seen wielding pepper ball guns, taser-like weapons, shields, and rocks. There were also many folks who were wearing gas masks and helmets.

How are people even buying these things? I can’t even get a fucking PS5, and these people are out here with pepper ball guns? Also, as shitty as ICE is, I’m kind of tired of white people just rolling up on federal buildings. Like we get it, you’re white, you can do whatever the hell you want without fear of mortal danger. Point made, goddamn.

When the protesters arrived they began throwing eggs and rocks at the building, to which Federal law enforcement officers responded by launching “crowd control munitions.”

“Details about what munitions were used, and any arrests made, will have to come from federal law enforcement,” Sgt. Kevin Allen of the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement. “Portland Police did not deploy any CS gas.”


Some of the protesters had anti-Biden, anti-police, and pro-Black Lives Matter signs. Local leaders of Black Lives Matter said they didn’t want to be associated with the protests, according to the Hill. I’m going to safely assume that’s because this was some white people shit.

That’s really all this can be described as: white people white peopling. I’ve read two pieces on the incident, wrote 400 words, and at the end of this the only takeaway I have is that my Black ass won’t be going to Portland any time soon.

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Anti-Biden? Dumbasses can’t even do “false flag” right.