6 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Blues

Money problems and stress are common over the holidays. (Thinkstock)
Money problems and stress are common over the holidays. (Thinkstock)

In a blog entry at Black Enterprise magazine, financial analyst Lynnette Khalfani-Cox writes that the holiday season can take a depressing toll on people for various reasons. She provides six tips on how to cope with sadness during this time, including avoiding shopping sprees if you are broke, which can exacerbate financial woes.


1. Don’t band-aid the problem

Don’t let negative emotions drive unhealthy habits, such as endless (and mindless) shopping sprees, binge eating episodes, or excessive drinking sessions. Instead, refrain from engaging in any extreme behaviors that will only cause you additional mental, financial, or physical stress down the road. If you’re dealing with tough situations, take breaks, if only to clear your head and give yourself a little distance from stressful scenarios, people or environments.

2. Reach out for support

If close friends and family members have no idea what you’re going through, and you don’t feel you can clue them in on your troubles, look outside of your social circles and family for help. Seek out the help of a professional counselor or therapist so that you can talk about what you’re feeling. Your counselor can help you figure out what might have triggered your case of the “holiday blues” and give you a fresh perspective on situations that are making you feel sad.

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