What in the world is going on? A 57-year-old teacher was tasered after calling police for help because she thought there was a prowler. Janice Wells, a third-grade teacher, called officers in rural Georgia for help. Instead she ended up on the ground getting tasered. The horrific incident was captured by the dash camera of the police officer. Video shows Officer Ryan Smith exiting his car and immediately Tasering the woman, who had been pepper-sprayed by Officer Tim Murphy before. Subsequently, both men lost their jobs (one quit, the other was fired), although Smith maintains that he did nothing wrong. Tasering an unarmed 57-year-old woman who calls for help, handcuffing disobedient 6-year-olds, punching a jaywalker in the face — and we won't mention shooting and killing a restrained young man, lying face down with a knee in his back on a subway platform — is out of control. And people wonder why black folks don't trust the police? If this is happening on film, imagine what's happening off camera?

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