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More than 50 people staying in a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City were rushed to the emergency room this weekend to be treated for symptoms related to food poisoning, Raw Story reports.

The group—which included 55 men, women and children—suffered from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. They were all temporary residents of the Road Home homeless shelter, and all ate food from a soup kitchen and other facilities affiliated with the shelter. The section of the homeless shelter that houses families has access to on-site kitchens.


Fortunately, the sick have all been treated by ER staffers and released from the hospital.

Officials say that they could not immediately identify what caused the illness, but they did say that they are investigating. The shelter routinely receives food donations from charitable organizations, and those groups are not required by Utah law to have food-handling permits that would require them to abide by certain safety and sanitation protocols, Raw Story explains. 

Read more at Raw Story.

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