5 Questions About the Southern University Sex-Tape Scandal

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

In case you haven’t heard, there is a Southern University sex-tape scandal that is making the rounds on social media. Well, the actual footage isn’t making the rounds, but news of the footage is definitely blazing the Internet.


Not only does it appear to show a very married senior member of Southern University’s staff, but it also allegedly shows a former student-former Miss Southern who now works at the university as an assistant to the married man. This is all alleged, since we don’t know if any of this is true, so we are trudging very lightly over this muddy mess. In fact, this shouldn’t be on our radar because it’s steeped in scandal and messiness, but I have thoughts and questions—tons of them.

1. Why Would a Married Man Make a Sex Tape With Someone Other Than His Wife? 

I blame this guy. Whoever this guy is, this is all his fault. There is no way in the world that there should ever be footage of anything happening that you wouldn’t want shown during your divorce proceedings.

2. Also, Why Would Anyone Want to Tape Themselves Having Sex? 

As my colleague Senior Writer Michael Harriot noted, “Recording yourself having sex is ALWAYS a bad idea. It’s only worked for Kim Kardashian.” #WhitePrivilege


3. Wait a Minute, Ain’t That Brandy’s Mother? 

Again, who knows if any of this is true, but Sonja Norwood allegedly posted a message on Facebook noting that something needed to be done about said sex scandal.

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4. Do the Norwoods Get a Percentage of All Sex Tapes Made Around the World?

No, now you are just being silly. Is it awkward that Lil’ Ray Norwood, aka Ray J, was part of one of the biggest sex tapes in the world, and now his mother is reportedly speaking out on this one? Yes, but that’s because Mama Norwood is an alumna of the school. That’s right, the Mississippi native earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the HBCU and is an active alum, but she doesn’t hold a monopoly on sex tapes.


5. Who Uploaded the Video?

Someone had to shoot the footage, and then someone had to upload the tape onto the interwebs. I know the company line is to claim that the footage was stolen and leaked or whatever, but in this case I’m not buying it. Look—whenever you have a man cheating on his wife, follow the side piece. Don’t look at me like that; you know it’s true.


Now it sounds as if this leaked footage might actually be a cybercrime.

“Because of implications that a cyber-crime may have occurred, we take matters like this very seriously,” the university wrote in a statement viewed by WBRZ, which continues:

[W]e advise and caution our students and employees on the importance of data security as well as the ramifications of their conduct on social media. We will continue to take every measure to ensure that our students and staff understand that we want to ensure their safety and well being both on campus and online.


Don’t expect a follow-up story on this piece, and I may even get in trouble for writing this, but I had questions and I wanted answers. You can see photos of those allegedly involved here. ... You just clicked on the link and are now as messy as I am.

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Unless a couple wanted the footage out there, which I SERIOUSLY doubt, why would you link to it?