5 Outfit Choices for CNN's Jim Acosta on His First Day Back at the White House

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta walks out of the U.S. District Court House after a judge ruled that he should have his White House press pass returned immediately, on November 16, 2018 in Washington, DC. CNN filed a lawsuit against U.S. President Donald Trump and top aides alleging that the network and Acosta’s constitutional rights were violated when his White House press credential was revoked last week.
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We have it through good sources that when the news broke that a judge granted CNN’s Jim Acosta his press pass back, he was riding around in a Chevy Tahoe blasting:

Which he only swapped out for this:

That’s righttttttttt! Acosta’s back like he never left. He’s back like Jordan wearing the 45. He’s back like he shouldn’t have had his press pass revoked on some Trumped-up charges that he studied at a John Rhee Taekwondo in 1987.


Since Acosta is gearing up for his first day back in the White House press crew we, at The Root, thought we’d offer five possible outfit choices for Acosta’s first day back.

5. Something from Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Line


We know that the entire collection sold out in seconds after it appeared but nothing says “Stunt on these hoes” like Cardi B and a fashion website made successful by women who model on IG and hawk flat tummy tea. Maybe God’s favorite reporter, April Ryan, can get something from the line as well and Acosta and Ryan can walk into the White House like this:


4. This:


Just in case Trump sics the Secret Service on Acosta, at least they’ll know where to grab him.

3. The Leather Suit From Puffy Daddy’s Been Around the World Remix

A leather suit is a tough look to pull off. But if one is bold enough to walk out of the house in a full leather outfit, people think one of three things:

  1. That nigga is a hitman.
  2. Their favorite black comedian is about to film a new comedy special.
  3. R. Kelly is about to release a new album

White people are deathly afraid of being heckled by a black comedian and no one fucks with a hitman. Or R. Kelly. Either you’re gonna get roasted, killed or peed on.


If Acosta shows up in a full leather Run-DMC tuxedo and he’s owning the room—Trump doesn’t want that smoke...or urine. Plus the hook from the song is fitting for Acosta’s return.

Yes, Acosta has been around the world and he’s been playa hated. He doesn’t know why Trump wants him faded.


2. Killmonger


Acosta can only dress like this iconic black history figure if he’s willing to stand in front of President Trump, point to him and turn the audience and shout, “Is this your king?”

Or if Sarah Sanders calls on him, he can preface his questions with: “Hey Auntie.”


1. A full Ku Klux Klan Outfit

Photo: William Thomas Cain (Getty Images)

In this ensemble, Acosta will show not only that he’s sorry for his behavior but that he pledges his loyalty to the administration. I’m sure it would make Trump feel comfortable and might even land him a job in the administration.

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