4th-Graders Allegedly Called ‘Black Animals’ by White Elementary School Teacher in La.

Iberville Elementary Montessori School via Facebook
Iberville Elementary Montessori School via Facebook

Parents at a Louisiana elementary school are demanding answers after multiple students reported that a white teacher referred to them as “black animals.”


Daniel Banguel of Pen Point News first reported the story that a physical education teacher at Iberville Elementary Montessori School in the Baton Rouge suburb of Plaquemine, La., yelled the slur at his fourth-grade physical education class.

“She said that the class entered the gym and he told them don’t come up in here acting like black animals,” a parent of one of the students told The Root. The parent says that her daughter, who was in the class during the incident, told her that many of the girls began crying when the coach made the statement. The parent added that her daughter was reluctant to come forward with the story because “she is not a confrontational person.”

When one of the girls objected, multiple students reported that the teacher threatened to discipline the young girl, telling her, “I don’t care if you go home and tell your ma and pa.”

That 9-year-old who was threatened with punishment told Pen Point News in a telephone interview that the teacher added that he “can’t stand girls.”

The child’s mother reports that when she went to address the issue, at least 10 to 15 parents were gathered at the school over the same issue. Parents of students who were in the class told The Root that Iberville Elementary’s principal informed them that the teacher is on leave while the school investigates.

The Root reached out to the principal of Iberville Elementary Montessori School and the superintendent of Iberville Parish schools for comment but has received no reply.

Read more at Pen Point News.

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