34 U.S. Troops Were Diagnosed With Brain Injuries From the Iranian Missile Attacks. Trump Initially Said They Only Had ‘Headaches’

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Either Trump doesn’t trust his own Pentagon or his years of service in the military have reduced brain injuries to mere headaches, but either way, President Bone Spurs is so out of touch with his own departments that just days after he walked out and told everyone that U.S. soldiers only suffered “headaches” after an Iranian airstrike, the Pentagon came out and said, “Ummm, bitch we didn’t say that.”


On Friday, the Pentagon noted that some 34 American troops suffered concussions or traumatic brain injuries after the Iranian missile attack last month, just days after Trump claimed that they only had “headaches.”

On Jan. 4, President Joffrey Baratheon decided that he was going to take out a top Iranian military leader. That move caused Iran to retaliate and hit a base in Iraq base that housed U.S. troops. Trump initially claimed that no one was injured in the attack. Well, it turns out that was bullshit.

From Politico:

The military last week said it had conducted follow-on screenings and that the number of troops who were pulled out of Iraq for brain injury treatment was 11. On Friday, [Chief Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan] Hoffman told reporters that, of the 34 troops diagnosed with brain injuries, 17 have returned to duty, including one service member who was transferred to Kuwait for treatment.

Eight service members have been transferred to the U.S. for treatment after initially being sent to Germany. Nine are still undergoing treatment and evaluation in Germany.

Hoffman noted that the numbers keep changing because some symptoms “are late-developing” and “manifest over a period of time.”

“What we saw was a number of people who were initially screened for concussion-like symptoms…saw their conditions improve rapidly, and then others, we saw their conditions didn’t improve,” Hoffman said. “Some got worse and some had severe enough symptoms that they were transported on for further treatment.”


On Wednesday, Trump said he’d only heard that the troops suffered headaches.

“I heard that they had headaches, and a couple of other things,” Trump told reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Politico reports. “But I would say, and I can report, it is not very serious. Not very serious.”


Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe Trump didn’t know that U.S. soldiers were injured because he doesn’t listen when people talk and he has trouble reading. Maybe Trump ignored all of the times that it was mentioned because he doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself. Maybe, in Trump’s world, a brain injury is just a headache. Maybe Trump was telling his version of the truth because that’s how he saw it.

That’s a whole lot of maybes for a man who never spent a day in the military. Never trust a man who faked an injury to avoid serving in the military, yet is willing to downplay the injuries associated with protecting America.


“Beyond inexplicable,” the progressive PAC Vote Vets tweeted, the Hill notes. “We don’t know where you got your MD, ‘Doctor’ @realDonaldTrump (Trump University?), but TBI’s are horrible injuries that can leave lasting wounds. In short, they are much worse than ‘bone spurs.’ You owe our veterans and troops an apology.”



What else but dismissive cruelty can be expected from Trump?

He is obviously brain damaged himself and would minimize brain injury. This is akin to the Dunning-Kruger effect. Let’s call it the Trump is a fucking asshole corollary.