30 Days of Musical Blackness With VSB, Day 12: Luther Vandross, 'So Amazing'

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I don’t know what you can say about a song already called “So Amazing” that literally lives up to its title, even though the “amazing” being referenced is love. I mean, it really is so amazing to be loved, even following people to the moon and the sky above. Not much has to be said about Luther Vandross and his voice. On my list of GOAT singers, Luther is definitely top 5. It seems like there wasn’t much that Luther couldn’t do vocally and there aren’t many songs Luther covered that he didn’t make better.


Luther Vandross, “So Amazing” (1986)

For instance, did you know that “So Amazing” was a song he originally wrote and produced for Dionne Warwick? It was for her 1983 album, How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye. And because it’s Dionne, before the Psychic Friends Network, her version is amazeballs. Especially the breakdown that we all wait for whenever “So Amazing” hits the airwaves. Because of the way the vocals were layered and the mini-runs Dionne went on, I truly can’t decide which version of that breakdown I love more, though Luther’s reigns supreme over nearly everybody. I guess Luther liked it so much, though, that he went ahead and recorded his own version for his 1986 album, Give Me The Reason.

Dionne Warwick, “So Amazing” (1983)

“So Amazing” is perfect for any occasion and the black community has literally tested it out in nearly every environ. It’s good for cookouts, graduations, weddings, repasts, garden parties, debt collections, baby showers, vacation Bible school socials, old skool parties, karaoke, etc.. You can two-step your whole life to this song or grab a partner and slow dance your life away. In fact, Luther’s whole catalog is a lot like that. It’s reminiscent of Jay-Z’s lyrics in that with Jay, there’s a bar for everything and with Luther, there is a song in his oeuvre for every occasion, guaranteed.

If you ever need a song to make you feel good and remind you of simpler times where you cannot help but to sing along, this song wins 60 percent of the time every time. It’s...so amazing.

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Luther was the Covers Champion. The man took tracks and made them his own. Anyone Had A Heart, If Only For One Night, Creeping, stellar ish!

I mean, good Lord, he did a mashup of Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do), The Carpenters AND Aretha Franklin medley? Whew!

The man could do it all...except cover Heatwave’s Always And Forever, not even the great Luther Vandross could make a cover of that one work. No one could (fight me)