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Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude

20 Things I've Tried Really, Really, Really, Really Hard To Care About But Just Can't

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

1. Comic books (Not movies based on comic books, because I care about those. Or even hearing the news that one of my favorite writers is penning a comic book series, because I care about that too. Just not the actual comic book.)

1.5. Everything that was just said about comic books could also be said about video games


2. Grilled chicken

3. Anyone's feelings about whether I should say "nigga"

4. Making the bed

5. Whoever happens to be the Democratic nominee for president because I'd vote for a beet stuck in a dead pigeon's throat before I voted for Trump


6. Strip clubs

7. Stretching before I play basketball

8. Most people's opinions about most things, generally. But especially most people's opinions about NBA basketball. And child-rearing.


9. Any homecoming or reunion-related activity with any of the schools I went to (Which actually surprises me because I loved school. I just have no urge to connect with or see people I know from them if I'm not already connected to them)

10. Receiving head

11. Wine

12. Events that contain the word "networking" in the title

12.5. Most conversations between 7pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday if there's no alcohol involved


13. Meeting famous people

14. Line-dancing

14.5. Being in NYC for longer than 72 hours

15. Primanti Brothers sandwiches

16. Nature (I mean, I like that nature exists and shit. Yay trees. But hiking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, swimming, or even being in someone's big-ass back yard are all things I can go the rest of my life without ever doing again)


17. Literally anything at all when I'm hungry

17.5. Twitter

18. Recycling

19. The concept of vacationing

19.5. Traveling (I don't mind being different places and shit. But I just hate the process of getting there)


20. Wale