2 Tenn. Teens Jailed for Sagging Pants

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
An unidentified man shown here wearing saggy pants. In Tennessee, two teens were jailed 48 hours for wearing pants below their waist. 
NBC New York screenshot

Two Tennessee high school students were arrested and spent two days in jail for wearing sagging pants to school.

According to the Huffington Post, four students at Bolivar Central High School were charged with indecent exposure for reportedly wearing sagging pants to school in November, and two of the students were jailed for the offense in early December.


"I just took it and went on," one of the students, Antonio Ammons, a senior at the school, told Action News 5. "I didn't know what else to do." Ammons said that he'd never been arrested before, but for 48 hours he was inside a jail with other inmates.

"I really didn't like it," Ammons told WREG about his jail time. Ammons is now left to figure out how he's going to pay the more than $250 in fines and court fees, HuffPost reports. 

The school's resource officer, Deputy Charles Woods, told WREG that not only do the sagging pants violate the school's dress code, but the students have also been reprimanded several times about their low-riding pants.

Woods is a stickler for keeping pants on the waists of young men; records posted by the Hardeman County Sheriff's Department indicate that from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15, four arrests were made for sagging pants under the state's indecent-exposure law, three of them by Woods, HuffPost reports.


The officer who made the fourth arrest was not listed on the report, the site notes.

Although parents at the school don't want kids to wear their pants saggy, some said that jail time was a little too harsh.


"Maybe we have them do some community service, pick up some trash, help at the dog kennels, things like that," Sharon Till told WREG. "I think putting them in jail is just a little bit much."

Huffington Post notes that wearing pants well below the waist has become a topic in some communities, causing several places, including Opa-Locka, Fla., and Wildwood, N.J., to ban the look. 


A City Council member in Dadeville, Ala., even went so far as to note that the sagging pants should be banned because "God would not go around with pants down," HuffPost reports.

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