Corey Morgan and Kevin Edwards
Chicago Police Department

A 27-year-old Lansing, Ill., man was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, who police say was lured earlier this month to an alley on the South Side of Chicago and shot several times in retaliation for a gang-related shooting, according to ABC News.

The man, Corey Morgan, 27, is one of "at least three" suspects allegedly involved in the case, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Friday. Morgan was ordered held without bail Friday.


One man, who is in custody on a gun charge unrelated to Tyshawn's death, is also expected to be charged with first-degree murder in the child's death, the report says. Authorities also issued an arrest warrant on first-degree-murder charges for the third suspect, Kevin Edwards, 22, the report says.

One of the suspects was alleged to be the driver, "another was the triggerman, but it was not clear which of the suspects was allegedly responsible for which role," the report says. It does not mention the role of the third man.

DNAinfo says that the state's attorney's office attributed the shooting to an ongoing feud between Morgan's gang, the BBG (Bang Bang Gang)/Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones and the Killaward faction of the Gangster Disciples.

The feud reached a peak on Oct. 13, according to the news outlet, when Morgan's brother was killed and his mother was wounded during a shooting. Morgan reportedly threatened to shoot "grandmas, mamas, kids and all" in retaliation, prosecutors said.


Prosecutors say that Morgan and two other men went out daily looking to retaliate. "On Nov. 2 they were driving around when they spotted Tyshawn at Dawes Park and one of the men lured him into the alley where they shot him," the report says.

McCarthy described Morgan as an individual with an "extensive violent criminal history who likely shouldn't have been on the streets," writes ABC News.


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