2 Birds, 1 Racist President: Trump to Undo Obama Policy That Used Race as Factor for Diversity in Schools

President Donald Trump shows the signed executive order supporting black colleges and universities in the Oval Office of the White House February 28, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Aude Guerrucci (Getty Images)

In continuing with the White House’s theme on hating people of color while simultaneously undoing the legacy of former president of the United States and current president of Wakanda, Barack Obama, the Trump administration will rescind policies that included using race as a factor in achieving diversity in schools.

“The Justice Department will scrap seven guidance documents issued by the Education Department under the Obama administration that called on school superintendents and colleges to consider race when trying to diversify their campuses,” The New York Times reports. Instead the administration would rather harken back to the good ole days when George W. Bush was president and strongly encourage “the use of race-neutral methods” in admissions, the Times said.


According to CNN, colleges will no longer be able to include race in admissions when attempting to diversify campuses. The move isn’t a fatal blow to affirmative action, but it’s the move right before the Trump administration starts circling the ring to rile up the crowd while affirmative action lay helpless in the ring. It’s the move before affirmative action taps out.

On Monday, Trump is expected to announce his pick for the Supreme Court and you can expect this pick to be one of the worst judges in the history of judges. As such, conservatives are chomping at the bit to get their hands on affirmative action and Trump’s latest move is a signal to where this is all headed.

Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, condemned the move as a “motivated attack on affirmative action.”

“We condemn the Department of Education’s politically motivated attack on affirmative action and deliberate attempt to discourage colleges and universities from pursuing racial diversity at our nation’s colleges and universities,” Clarke told CNN. “The rescission of this guidance does not overrule forty years of precedent that affirms the constitutionality of a university’s limited use of race in college admissions. This most recent decision by the Department of Education is wholly consistent with the administration’s unwavering hostility towards diversity in our schools.”

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