Lester Townsend, the 108-year-old grandson of a slave, laughs with President Barack Obama.
White House via YouTube screenshot

The White House released a touching video over the weekend of President Barack Obama meeting a 108-year-old man in Indiana last week.

"The grandson of a slave shaking hands with the president of the United States," Lester Townsend said as he took Obama's hand.


"Oh, man, that's something right there," Obama responded. "What an honor to see you here."

The president joked with Townsend, insisting that the spry gentleman—living proof of the fact that black don't crack—had to be lying about his age.

"So how come you look so good? What's your secret?" Obama inquired.

"I haven't found it," Townsend laughed.

"What are you eating?" Obama, smiling, pressed further before breaking into a full laugh when Townsend responded, "Whatever they bring me."


"I never thought I'd live to see this," Townsend added.

Watch the meeting below:

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