10-Year-Old Texas Boy Invents Device to Stop Deaths of Children in Hot Cars


Bishop Curry V may be young (10 years old, to be precise), but the little kid from Texas has some big ideas. He’s currently working on a device that could help prevent children from dying in hot cars.


According to NBC Washington, overall, the number of children who died in hot cars increased across the country last year, and Texas had the highest number of cases. Sadly for Bishop, the issue also hits close to home because a baby died in a minivan last summer outside a home near his own family’s home in McKinney.

His father, Bishop Curry IV, knew exactly where the house was located.

“Sometimes babies fall asleep and they’re really quiet, so if you’re rushing home from work or you’re rushing to the grocery store, I could see how somebody could forget,” said Curry, who is an engineer for Toyota in Plano, Texas.

Bishop was inspired to create a device he calls “Oasis,” which would attach to a car seat and detect if a child is left inside the vehicle, prompting it to blow cool air until parents or the police are notified.

“It would be a dream to have lots of inventions that would save many lives,” the precocious 10-year-old told the news station.

The device is still in the design phase, but it’s developing by leaps and bounds. Bishop already has a provisional patent for the device, and his dad’s employer, Toyota, has taken notice of it.

Read more at NBC Washington.

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Cool. However I think a better and cheaper solution would be an alarm system that’s activated by weight or the strapping in of the seat’s belt. Once the engine is turned off it makes an audible alarm until the system is disengaged. It’s not even a new technology, cars have it for lights, doors, etc.

Blowing cool air without power in the car isn’t a particularly easy solution.