Maya Angelou (CBS News)

As part of the new CBS series Note to Self, poet, author and activist Maya Angelou penned a letter with advice to the person she was as a teenager.

Listen to the 83-year-old's insights in this video, including, "Find a beautiful piece of art. If you fall in love with Van Gogh or Matisse or John Oliver Killens, or if you fall in love with the music of Coltrane, the music of Aretha Franklin or the music of Chopin — find some beautiful art and admire it, and realize that that was created by human beings just like you, no more human, no less. The person may have keener eyesight, a better ear, the person might have a more live body and can dance, but the person cannot be more human than you."

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a teen? 

Read more at CBS News.

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