Vitamin D Deficiency Puts Black Women at Risk

A study conducted at the Unversity of Pittsburgh has found that Vitamin D deficiencies among Black women increase the risk of vaginosis, a bacterial disease that affects the vagina, BET reports. The higher pigment leads to harder absorption of the vitamin and increases risk of vaginosis. The study conducted between 209 pregnant White women and 260 pregnant Black women showed that over 50% of the Black women had vaginosis, while the same could be said for only 27% of their White counterparts. Poor diet and obesity also factored into the cases of infection.

Venus Bounced from Third Round of French Open

Playing for the third straight day, Venus Williams was unable to find the sweet stroke on clay as she fell Agnes Szavay 6-0, 6-4, the Associated Press reports. This is the third straight third-round loss Williams has suffered at Roland Garros.

Journalist Amy Alexander Starts New Politics Blog

Journalist cum blogger Amy Alexander has thrown her hat into the political blogosphere, launching Amy Alexander Community Forum. Though centered around politics, the space is expected to touch on all aspects of life in 21st century America in a way that all chattering classes and the shills that cater to them will find thought-provoking and engaging. The approach is Socratic in nature and the name is spot-on. Ms. Alexander has set the Forum, now all it needs is the community.