I’m constantly conjuring up creative approaches to introducing new veggies to young people. For this menu I decided that curry, the quintessential Indian dish, would provide a perfect medium for “sneaking” in asparagus, the scrumptious harbinger of spring. The brown rice with coconut flakes is ideal for sopping up curry sauce, and the lassi provides sweet creamy interludes in between peppery bites.

Lassi is a traditional North Indian beverage made by blending yogurt with water, spices and sometimes fruit. Before coming up with this recipe, I had only tried mango lassi, which I love. This version, combining two of my favorite ingredients (lemon and ginger), is my new favorite. Because I try to keep it light on dairy products, I use soy yogurt in my version. For the complete meal, try the Asparagus and Sweet Potato Curry and Short Grain Brown Rice with Coconut Flakes.

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