Shamyra Cooper (right), 15, turned her back on a member of a rival drill team, who appeared to pull the teen’s hair, triggering an all-out brawl between the two rival schools in Dallas Sept. 18, 2015.
Fox 26 Screenshot

The football game Friday night had already been decided between Dallas rivals Wilmer-Hutchins High School and James Madison High School, but a dance battle between the schools' drill teams ended in a violent brawl.

Cellphone footage captured by a football fan and obtained by Fox 26 shows the all-female drill teams engaged in a full-on altercation.


According to the news station, 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper was standing on one side of the field with the James Madison drill team when a member of the Wilmer-Hutchins dance squad walked over and began dancing. Cooper turned her back on the girl, who appears to swipe Shamyra's hair. Parents and teens converged on the field in a vicious free-for-all.

"It was a horrible fight; everyone was going blow-for-blow," Shamyra's mother, Deshannon Roberts, told the news station. "My daughter's hair was pulled."

The Dallas Independent School District released a statement addressing the fray.

"Impromptu dance-offs are not part of the approved performance for dance teams and fighting is never acceptable," the Dallas Independent School District said in a statement viewed by the news station. "Disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate."


According to the news station, none of the people involved in the melee suffered serious injury, and school district officials have noted that none of the girls involved in the brawl will be allowed to participate in upcoming events.

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