Dr. Nikita Levy
WJZ-13 News screenshot

Some 8,000 former patients of a gynecologist who secretly recorded their exams aren't happy with the slicing up of the $190 million settlement that was reached with Johns Hopkins Hospital.

According to the Associated Press, lawyers could receive up to 35 percent, or some $66 million, of the negotiated deal. Twenty-five former patients not only balked at the sum but also filed an objection to the settlement last week. In the objection they also questioned how money would be distributed among the patients. 


The lawsuit was filed after it was revealed that Dr. Nikita Levy, who worked with a Hopkins-affiliated community clinic in Maryland, had been recording patients using a camera pen, AP reports.

According to the Baltimore Sun, it was Levy's assistant who had a hunch that the gynecologist may have been doing something wrong, so she nabbed the pen that normally hung from a lanyard around his neck and plugged it into her computer. That was when she saw the disturbing images.

AP notes that after the allegations came to light, Levy committed suicide.

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