Are you big on social media? Have you always been interested in Internet marketing?, a leading search engine optimization company in Mesa, Ariz., is currently seeking a full-time marketing and social media coordinator. The position entails overseeing internal and client social media campaigns.

Specific duties for this position involve generating community engagement and conversation to sharpen the focus of social media campaigns, as well as identifying social media trends that will improve social media strategies. Other responsibilities include compiling project status reports, coordinating project schedules, managing project meetings and addressing technical issues.


The ideal candidate should have a bachelor's degree in marketing or another relevant field, and at least one year of experience handling social media relations for multiple clients. All applicants must be knowledgeable about HTML coding, Facebook page design and other social media platforms. provides effective Internet marketing, search engine optimization and reputation-management services. If you're passionate about social media, this position may suit you.

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