'Zombie' Attack Caused by Cannabis?

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"Zombie" attack caused by cannabis? Rudy Eugene, the "Miami Zombie," was not high on bath salts when he attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo and chewed off 75 percent of his face on May 26, the medical examiner found last week. After finding that marijuana was the only drug in Eugene's body, experts are investigating what drove him to carry out the horrifying attack, with some speculating that it could have been a cannabis-induced psychosis.

Targeting blacks, Latinos for college success: no man left behind: Launched in 1990, the Student African American Brotherhood is one of many organizations that aims to increase the number of African-American and Latino males who graduate from college, offering programs to provide financial need, personal development, mentoring, tutoring and behavioral help. Read more about it at Diverse Issues in Higher Education.


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