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George Zimmerman and defense attorney Mark O'Mara (Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)
George Zimmerman and defense attorney Mark O'Mara (Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)

On Tuesday Mark O'Mara, the lead defense attorney in the George Zimmerman second-degree-murder trial, told CNN that he would not be representing Zimmerman in any legal proceedings involving estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman, who filed for divorce last week.

"I am not representing George Zimmerman in his recent domestic altercation case or his impending divorce case," O'Mara told CNN …

On Monday, Zimmerman was briefly detained after a dispute involving his estranged wife, Shellie, and her father, David Bryant Dean.

The two declined to press charges, and George Zimmerman was not charged or arrested in the dispute.


During the domestic altercation, Shellie told the 911 dispatcher that George "has his hand on his gun" and "is just threatening all of us," according to a transcription provided by ABC News. However, she recently recanted that version of events and described how she did not see a weapon.

O'Mara will continue to represent Zimmerman in legal matters relating to the case in which he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

O'Mara, now a legal analyst for CNN, continues to be the attorney of record in the impending defamation lawsuit against NBC; Pennsylvania attorney Jim Beasley will be the lead attorney on the case.

He will also still be involved with outstanding sanction motions and recovery of costs from the state of Florida for expenses related to Zimmerman's murder trial.


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