DMX and George Zimmerman

The bare-knuckle brawl that was to feature George Zimmerman and an unnamed opponent has been canceled again, after Trayvon Martin's family refused to accept any money from the fight's promoter, TMZ reports.

The fight, which was originally scheduled as a "celebrity boxing match" to feature Zimmerman and rapper DMX, was called off after an online petition asked for the fight to be canceled and the first promoter received death threats. TMZ announced early this week that CEO Alki David would step up to promote the event, but that he changed the focus, making it a bare-knuckled fight club-style match, TMZ reports.

David told the news site that he would donate all profits to the foundation created by Trayvon Martin's family.

The foundation contacted TMZ Tuesday evening to inform them that they would not be taking any money from the fight, saying that the foundation "stands boldly against any act of violence" and that if the fight continued they would reject any donations David might offer. 

Then news station contacted David for comment and upon hearing that the foundation wanted no part of event, David said, "I respect the wishes of the family and in light of this we are canceling the event."


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