George Zimmerman
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Good thing George Zimmerman destroyed the iPad.

As a result, Lake Mary, Fla., police could not salvage the video recorded by his estranged wife during a domestic dispute. With no video, there will be no charges filed against him, the police said and the Orlando Sentinel reports.


Police on Thursday released their final 30-page report on what happened. It says they do not have enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman on a charge of domestic violence, the Sentinel reports.

Sept. 9, Zimmerman got into an altercation with his estranged wife, Shellie, and her father, David Dean, at the Lake Mary home Zimmerman once shared with his then-wife. Shellie Zimmerman and her father were moving out her things when George showed up with what Shellie's attorney describes as a "400-pound" bodyguard, the Sentinel reports.

There was a scuffle, and Shellie called the police claiming that George had punched her father in the nose and threatened them both with a gun.


Police found no gun on Zimmerman when they arrived. They handcuffed Zimmerman but released him after Shellie and her father said they didn't want to press charges, the Sentinel reports.

Shellie Zimmerman recorded the altercation with her iPad, but George Zimmerman pried it open, tore it apart and threw it on the ground, the Sentinel reports.

Police sent the parts to the Secret Service in Tulsa, Okla., hoping a computer expert would be able to recover the video. The report released Thursday made clear that the damage was beyond repair.


"The circuit board was broken into two pieces," according to the police report. "Also, one chip was missing, and the board with the microprocessor was bent and connections had been detached," wrote Jonathan S. Jacobs, the Secret Service agent who examined the iPad. "No further examination is possible at this lab due to the severely damaged components," the Sentinel reports.

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