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YouTube Time Machine Turns Back Time

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There is a new YouTube site that takes people back in time. It is called the YouTube Time Machine. This site has tackled the major task of sorting videos by year, allowing users to see offerings in various categories, including movies, TV, music, commercials, sports and current events. The brainchild of Justin Johnson, the site goes all of the way back to 1860. YouTube Time Machine's debut comes as YouTube launched a two-day experiment in live streaming, using content from four Web video companies this week. Google reportedly is working with Sony on a Web-friendly TV and with Hollywood on using YouTube as a pay-per-view movie service. Netflix is ramping up its streaming operation, Hulu is rolling out a "Hulu Plus" pay model, and Steve Jobs recently announced a new version of Apple TV that will offer shows for 99 cents an episode. Video on the Web is getting bigger and better. If you don't like where it's heading, you can always look back at your favorite year of content.


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