You’re Not Living Your Best Life: Leave These 6 Things Behind in 2018

You made it through 2018. Bless up! But your friends aren’t keeping it 100 with you. Luckily you have Corey Townsend, social media editor for The Root.

Whether it’s toxic masculinity, avoiding salt and pepper or trying to Basquiat your hairline: Here are a few things you should leave behind if you want to be your best self in 2019.


Watch the full video above. New Year. New You.

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I may regret this, but this is an honest question. I see the label being thrown around quite a bit, and I just never really got a handle on exactly what Toxic Masculinity means, or if it is a catch-all for any behavior that is typically male that someone doesn’t like. Can someone please explain Toxic Masculinity like I am 5? 

Also, Lawry’s, Slap Ya Mama, or Tony Chachere’s instead of just salt and pepper... My Queen and Future President Oprah needs some proper southern chicken.