Same-gender-loving men have been accused of trying to ruin the black family, and that’s a black-ass lie. Men who are part of the LGBTQ+ community are concerned with having the right to merely exist and to be treated as equals. As for an agenda? We do not, nor have we ever, had the time to come up with a plot to take down the entire black family. Who has the time?

As a people, we have way more pertinent things to worry about than who someone is sleeping with. Last I checked, the police are still hunting us all down as if it were a sport.


The Root brought together a group of men to discuss this so-called “gay agenda,” masculinity and everyday life as a same-gender-loving man.

Chief Beyoncé Content Officer @ TheRoot. I aspire to be as steadfast & unmovable as Solange's wig. Former President of Hogwart's Black Student Union.

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