You Won't Believe What Michael Irvin Wants to Do to Himself When He Thinks About This Running Back

Michael Irvin in 2007
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images
Michael Irvin in 2007
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott is proving himself to be a really good running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He's so good that Hall of Famer Michael Irvin wants some alone time in a bathroom.

Yep, he seriously said that.

During an interview with 105.3 The Fan, Irvin said that just listening to Elliott talk about his physical running makes him want to have a little alone time.


"I'm telling you, when I listen to this boy talk about running the football like that, it just makes me want to go in the bathroom and spend some time by myself," Irvin said. "I just love it so much," Dallas News reports.

Jigga, what? Jigga, who?

"He walks up and down that sideline, when he's giving everyone fives, you hear what he says? 'Physical! Let's be physical! We're gonna be physical!' His interviews, 'We're gonna out-physical everybody.' Physical, physical, physical," Irvin told the station.

"You match that up with that offensive line, that mentality from the running back with that offensive line as good as they are, you have connectivity. They say, 'All we gotta do is lay on ’em.' He's gonna come and lay on ’em. If I blocked it for 1 yard, he'll make it 4. If I block for 4, he'll make it 60 because they have that connectivity."

Irvin said some other stuff, like how much he loves quarterback Dak Prescott and the team's play, but nothing makes him want to light scented candles and spend a little alone time like Elliott.


"It's just the way the NFL that we are in now, this is the formula for great winning," Irvin said. "We're playing efficient football from the quarterback position. And Dak gets a lot of love, but let's not take the focus from where it should be. And that's on that physical run game."

Irvin just wants all of that to keep going so that the team doesn't lose its mojo.


"Whatever everybody's been doing throughout the Metroplex, keep doing it! Keep doing exactly what you've been doing. The mojo's working."

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