Yes, You Can Still Troll Your Friends While Social Distancing—Ask Issa Rae and Regina Hall

(L-R): Regina Hall and Issa Rae onstage during “A Little Conversation” on April 04, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.
(L-R): Regina Hall and Issa Rae onstage during “A Little Conversation” on April 04, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo: Paras Griffin (Getty Images for Universal)

Roasting is my love language.

Ok, ok, I realize that may not be one of the actual “5 Love Languages,” but colloquially, we’ve managed to create a sixth sense, haven’t we? So, in my mind, there’s a sixth love language. If I roast you, chances are, I love you. It’s my indirect signal that I have let loose enough to become vulnerable with you down the line in more serious instances. It’s a form of intimacy for me, and that goes for any relationship, whether platonic or romantic. See also: Banter is my foreplay.


Point is, roasting and trolling are arguably the best indications of a close-knit relationship. Enter colleagues and BFFs Issa Rae and Regina Hall. In a hilarious trolling video, Issa posted a compilation documenting the Little press tour, which featured some of the most quick-witted interactions between the two ladies (and shout-out to Marsai Martin for her add-ons, as well!)

Not only did Regina ambush Issa’s solo interview with The Breakfast Club, she continually called her a “ho” during press junkets, Sounds like the perfect BFF situation to me!

“Issa fucked her way to the top!” Regina exclaimed in one of the clips, causing uproarious laughter in the room.

“I did not fuck my way to the top. First of all, I’m not at the top so I would’ve been a very poor fuck if that were the case,” Issa quipped.

The entire series of clips is the joy we need right now, and ranges from Issa-curated topics such as “That time she insulted my intelligence” and “That time she forgot she was a bully.”


Also, just in case you were wondering, Regina maintains that she was the actual creator of Insecure, so we’ll be doing some investigative reporting on that since she’s actually very convincing! *wink* 

So, yes, you can totally incorporate trolling your friends during this isolating experiment called social distancing (shouts to The Root Staff Writer Anne Branigin for the suggestion). Plus, Issa’s trolling also served as a timely reminder of the return of Black Monday, Season 2. Regina co-stars in the comedy series as Dawn Darcy, alongside Don Cheadle (Maurice Monroe). See, trolling and support can co-exist!


Issa and Regina obviously have mad chemistry, as has been exhibited on their respective social media pages and their participation in the social media viral hit #ForTheDChallenge in 2017.


And just in case y’all forgot, Regina been a comedic queen!


Black Monday airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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You’re good friends be like: “She’s the sweetest person I know”

You’re best friend be like: “She’s a ho and she ran over someone with her car”