Yes, Beyoncé Rocked a Telfar Bag. Yes, You'll Still Be Able to Get One

After Queen Bey was spotted carrying the 'Bushwick Birkin,' fans speculated the already coveted bag would become impossible to get. Not so, says its designer.

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Few things boost the profile of a fashion item like it being worn by a celebrity, and there are few (if any) celebrities as major as Beyoncé. So when fans and fashion lovers spotted the star out and about in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Thursday sporting a white Telfar shopping bag, heads understandably exploded at the sight of one of the world’s biggest stars rocking the Black-created accessory of the moment. (Of note: Bey was rocking not one, but two Black designers on Thursday, pairing her medium-sized “Bushwick Birkin” with a pair of bright floral trousers by Telfar’s fellow CFDA winner and TGU 50 honoree Christopher John Rogers.)


As fashion lovers know, Telfar’s faux leather unisex shoppers were already highly coveted—and unpredictably released in limited and instantly sold out color-specific drops, making them a notoriously ungettable get. The sight of Beyoncé wearing one promised to make them even more so, with fans speculating that the already hard-to-secure bags would now become even more elusive—and likely far more expensive than their current, non-celebrity-friendly $150 to $257 price point.

Never fear, says the label, which holds as its motto “Not for You—for Everyone.” Proving it plans to stay true to that ethos, as the Beyoncé sighting went viral the brand posted a message to Instagram Stories, simply stating: “Price Not Changing.” The message was coyly followed by a series of bee emojis and a smiley face, as well as the brand’s motto as a cogent reminder.

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Good to know—but what of future availability of the already sold-out-in-minutes shopping bags? Chances are, that won’t be changing, either—and yes, Bey’s implicit endorsement will no doubt significantly up the ante during those infamous drops. However, here’s a little pro tip: because Telfar truly is for the culture, patience—and securing a spot on the mailing list—proves to be the virtue in securing the coveted bag. In addition to its limited releases, the label’s “Bag Security” program periodically opens up the entire collection for preorder; you just have to wait a few months for your freshly produced Telfar to arrive.


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