Yeezy's Takeover of Gap Begins With a Tease of Its First Design

The first design in the coveted collaboration drops with a preorder and projections in major cities

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Screenshot: Gap (Instagram)

Gap’s Instagram page looks a little...different today. In fact, it doesn’t look like much at all, given that its sole post features an intriguing glossy and cropped cerulean blue puffer floating on a white ground. Of course, Gap’s logo looks different too, its signature three-letter emblem temporarily (we think) replaced with a new one: YZY.


That’s right, Yeezy’s tenure with the legacy retailer, a ten-year commitment, has started a little earlier than its projected late June drop, debuting with a look at one of the new line’s first offerings, a recycled nylon jacket. And in the typical style of Kanye West (and Gap, for that matter), it opened with a big statement, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Floating projections of the Yeezy Gap round jacket [are] currently on display, in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, including the New Museum in New York, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, and several locations in Chicago.

Splashy—but if you’re a Yeezy fan, what you undoubtedly really want to know is when you can get your paws on one. Well, you’re in luck: not only does the jacket retail at the Yeezy-meets-Gap pricepoint of $200, but WWD reports it is available for preorder in the U.S. only, due to ship in the fall. Whether this is part of a more sustainable built-for-demand model (a la Telfar) has yet to be disclosed, but the partnership is expected to become a billion-dollar brand, with $150 million in sales in its full first year alone, as projected by Bloomberg, reports WWD, which further reminds us that Yeezy remains under Ye’s sole ownership.

More from the outlet:

Last June, WWD reported that shares of Gap shot up 18.8 percent on word that West’s Yeezy brand was coming to its namesake chain’s stores and web site in 2021. Under West’s creative direction, the Yeezy design studio is developing a line of basics for men, women and children at “accessible price points.”



That is aggressively awful. You know how sometimes movies have outfits that are purposely awful, either to show a character is unfashionable or homeless, and you can tell the costumer went to the trouble of fashioning custom items to make the whole thing uglier than is possible with off-the-rack items? I’m pretty sure I saw this exact jacket in one of those.